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Who is Instarguide for?
Instarguide is a professional guide for anyone who wants to take their Instagram to a new level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user of Instagram, within our guides you will find lots of useful information about content creation, editing techniques and a lot of other helpful tips that will assist in perfecting your Instagram and monetizing it. Separately, you can also purchase the step-by-step editing instructions in three different styles: Light, Dark and Saturated (all three are included in the full guide).
My journey in the blogging world started with Instagram. A few years ago I coudn't imagine that I would call myself a professional blogger. Right now I am happy to be able to work from home, have a stable income and travel the world, while doing what I truly love, creating beautiful content.
Polina Burashnikova
While having a lot of experience in Instagram marketing and working for successful projects like Porta 9 and Portal, I am sure that our guides can help any business. We are sharing our experience with you and showing you how to grow your brand and increase sales.

Ekaterina Butko
We have created two types of products: step-by-step editing instructions and full self-help guides. Click on the product to see what you can find in each of the guides and get the perfect one for you.
Individual promotion strategy
For several years we have been consulting big brands, start-ups and personal accounts. If you are interested in an individual strategy for your brand, click here.
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